Cirque Du Soleil: Varekai

This will have been my third different cirque show, and my forth show total. I saw La Nouba twice. I love Cirque since I saw the first based on a reccomendation of a friend. I have never experienced another show like it and must tell everyone reading this, that they are truly wonderful mirages of music, sounds, stage, dance, and performance. If you ever have the oppurnity, I would go if you can.

Varekai, is a traveling show, compared to residencies. These shows actually travel the world and are performed under The Grand Chapiteau (Big Top Tent) so they are a bit limited compared to the residencies, who have the features, of a solid non-moving structure, with a whole lot more room and area to do things that can not be done with a traveling show. However that does not mean the show is any less good, it just changes it up compared to a solid stage show.

The stage setting for this show was the best I have seen yet, with a world of a bamboo jungle and creatures, running about it truly portrayed the image it intended and was just a great looking stage. The idea that this all is built in a few days, taken down and moved to the next city, is also just amazing.

The performances were nothing short of perfect as usual. It is truly a wonderful mix of music and dance, and acts. The costumes are truly stellar, and everything is so timed and great. It comes together to tell the story, so well, and even though not in english it is everything you understand.

You laugh, and are amazed, you gasp, and smile, you clap your hands and dance, and are there watching the journey and the story as it unfolds before you in this magical place, away from the world for a few hours. It is nothing like the others, and yet so true to the spirit of Cirque Du Soleil, truly something everyone should see. 

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