Be Cool

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 114 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero

People must know something studios do not, becuase for the second week in a row, a movie not expected to be #1 was. This week, The Pacifier was #1 over Be Cool, by over 7 million. Be Cool pulled in 23 mill or so. I guess they heard something I didn't, and I wish I heard it too. I am really having a hard time with this review or the numbers I want to give it, becuase I am confused. I thought this was a comedy, I mean, I thought it was meant to be a comedy. Smart, and funny, and kinda cool? I thought that was what this movie was supposed to be. It was more like shitty, boring, and kinda dumb. There was so little in this movie to write about. It was not funny. It wasn't well put together. It was not well acted. It wasn't sexy. It was not smart. It wasn't interesting. It had nothing going for it whatsoever. I can not even think of things that I could single out as cool. I guess I could say Vince Vaugn, was kinda funny, and so was The Rock, he was awesome. But it really was not enough to carry the movie, or for me to give it better than a 1. Does someone have something they could suggest for me to not give it a 1? Becuase I can not think of much. The only thing is The Rock, and I am not sure it was enought to give it better than a 1. SKIP IT. 

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