Mr. And Mrs. Smith

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 2 Hours Year: 2005 Format: Westgate Theater, 35mm Originally Nicole Kidman was cast as Mrs. Smith, I might not be the biggest [tag]Angelina Jolie[/tag] fan as far as looks. I mean she is pretty but she is not like the hottest thing out there, but Nicole Kidman, she seems like the type that would cry about breaking a nail, she does not fit the casting of an assasin at all. Angelina was the much better choice that is for sure. I do have to say she has grown on me. She looked weird to me in Hackers, and for a long time I was not fond of her look, but it has improved over the years so I will give her that. She did look good in this movie. I would have to say this movie, was a pretty good date movie, if you are going to stray from what you consider the typical "date movie." It was funny, about relationships, and was romantic. It showed the trouble with some relationships and a reconsiliation. It was fast, hot, and had action in it, which can be a good thing, get your blood pumping and make you and your date feeling hot in the theater. I thought so at least. I had a lot of fun watching it. It made me laugh and it had some pretty good action in it. I would not say it was the most thought provoking movie, but who wants to think all the time anyway. I would add this to the queue for sure for fast action/date movie, if there is such a thing. I think you girls would be open to this. I think it is a good balance and made the movie perfect for you and the guys, so add it to the queue for sure, I don't think you need to go see it in the theater. But I think the rent is a good idea for sure.

  • i agree wih you here its a great date movie, also the action sequences were pretty good.

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