Rated: R

Running Time: 175 long minutes

Year: 2004

Format: Directors Cut DVD

I am one to give the benefit of the doubt, especially when it comes to movies. I love movies and am usually fairly giving when it comes to "bad" movies. I am open to what others consider bad, becuase I just like movies and can usually find good in them. Usually. I guess we should start with the good in this movie becuase I am sure there is some…I guess it is good that [tag]Val Kilmer[/tag] and [tag]Angelina Jolie[/tag] were in it. I guess it is good that [tag]Rosario Dawson[/tag] got naked and you got to see her boobies. I guess [tag]Anthony Hopkins[/tag] was in it too. Yea…I mean I really thought how bad can it be really. People are just being dickholes… This movie is not bad as in, it was like spaced invaders bad. It was like a bad on it's own. It had tons of money, a solid story to use already and solid actors. It was just a pile of crap. The biggest thing was the flow of the movie, which jumped all over the place and really had no center. I didn't know what was going on for most of the movie. The dialogue was terrible, hard to hear, and hard to understand the point. There was a lot of crying and yelling and man hugging and I am not sure why it all went on. The battle scenese were hard to see and poorly shot, they didn't detail the fight at all and were just a mess of blood and dead things and spears. Babalyon was pretty, but they didn't stay there very long. It truly was a very bad movie, and you really don't need to give it a test run to know for sure. I am telling you now, you can totally skip this crap.

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