The Dukes Of Hazzard

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 106 Minutes

Year: 2005

I guess what you gotta do is think about it like this. It's 2005, not 1983. 20 years later, things change, everything is changing and a movie version of a show that was on that long ago will defintly be different. So we must take change, and not compare, and look at this fresh and new, I don't even remember the old show that much anyway so I can't really compare. Not in a professional compare and contrast sort of way. So let's just watch this movie like it was a new movie, not a remake of something old. This movie was directed, by [tag]Jay Chandrasekhar[/tag], of [tag]Broken Lizard[/tag]. They did Super Troopers, and Club Dread. So even though I heard it was not the best I had high hopes for the Broken Lizard guys. They all appeared in the film, and Kevin Heffernan was especially good I thought, but overall outside of the Broken Lizard cameos, it was um…not so good. It was just dumb fun. It was car chases, and sillyness, and [tag]Jessica Simpson[/tag] wearing biknis, and being hot. But outsdie of that, it did not have much to it. Kinda funny in some parts but just ok. [tag]Burt Renyolds[/tag] was kinda scary looking as boss hog, kinda like a gay slave trader from France, instead of a Alabama corrupt judge. I do not meant that to be disrepectful to the French, Gay People, or slave traders. I just thought some parts were cool, but overall, I would say if you were bored and have a major hard on for Jessica Simpson you could rent it, otherwise, skip it.

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