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Friday The 13th Part 5 (A New Beginning)

Rated: R Running Time: 92 Minutes Year: 1985 Half way through the Friday The 13th Series. And boy is it getting harder and harder to make it through. In Nightmare part 2 was terrible, but part 3 really brought it back. Cool killings, better story, and all around a better movie. Here it was just […]

The Man With The Screaming Brain

Rated: NR Running Time: Short Year: 2005 Produced, Written, Starring and Directed By Bruce Campbell B MOVIE SCALE!!!!! This is the first B movie scale movies on this journal. The B movie rating scale looks at the movie in a whole different way. It knows that this movie is different, allows for things to be […]

My Home Theater Chairs

For my birthday, Libertie's parents decided to help me buy and build the stuff to mount my Home theater chairs, the first step in getting the theater done. Here is my reivew! FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! The rest of the pics here… I am sooo stoked, they are great to sit in, I love them soo […]

Inside Deep Throat

Rated: NC-17 Running Time: 92 minutes Year: 2005 It is different when it is about learning. Inside Deep Throat is a documentary about Deep Throat, the 1972 porno, that stirred up a hornet's nest of obscenity cases, arrests, theater shut downs and hundreds of articles and news reports. Over time Deep Throat has made over […]

High Tension

Rated: NR Running Time: 89 Minutes Year: 2003 French. This is a french horror/suspence film. It got the big boost in America for some reason and hit the box office here. I skipped it, we were seeing other movies, I am sure, it got added to the queue and released just in time for Halloween. […]

Lords Of Dogtown

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 107 Minutes Year: 2005 Powell Peralta is one of the biggest names in skateboarding. The owner of the company and creator or The Bones Brigaide, Stacy Peralta wrote this movie and made the documentary, "Dogtown and Z-boys." It seems like he got optioned to sell the story again as a movie, […]


Well if you didn't see it, or you don't care. This saturday was the season premiere of Saturday Night Live…and it was the first ever episode in HD. I noticed it right away, there was no second guess, it was beautiful. I saw president W in all his HD glory and I cried a little […]

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