Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 119 Minutes Year: 2005 First I am not a fan, I am not a hater, I just am not a fan, I never heard of the show before this movie came out and the nerds starting going on and on about Joss (pronounced Jawssssss) and his space cowboy epic. Now at least I have seen the movie, and maybe have a feeling about the show. I am not sure if I would have liked the show based on the movie, I guess that part doesn't matter anyway, this is a review of Serenity. Serenity the ship, that they fly around in, which really might be a central theme, but is not a focal point of the movie and in my opinion should have been named something else is a movie that is very well…loud. I do not know if it was the drafthouse or what, but the mix was way too god damn loud. It was almost too loud to watch the movie. And for gods sake I have a 46 inch tall 1000 watt 15 inch downfiring subwoofer in my living room, my shit is set to be loud and this was wayyy too much. So I was preoccupied with my brain rattling around everytime a bullet was fired, to fully enjoy the movie for what it could have been… Once I get past that, I have to say that this movie is about so-so. Being someone who never saw the show, what I got was there was a prick-ass pirate boss man who liked to yell and put people in danger for his own personal gain. He acts like he is doing it for the others, but he is doing it for himself using others, and he happens to end up in a place where his soft side finally shines though. His crew follows along quietly and obidently save for the quick retort that is shot down by mr. golden gun with a yell and a punch, and his ship. The characters were quite dislikable, and I really was like whatever do what you want, die or not, your a prick anyway, like I give a fuck. OK, OK. On to the story, which is not bad, pretty good, big government, rebel truth thing that I felt was overall pretty good. River, her character was hot, and pretty darn cool, but she was not used enough, and her abilites were not as well. But it seems like a story we have all heard before and just didn't really stretch in anyway. It was a continuation of a show, so I assume we know the characters, or are supposed to, so get no back story, and so we have a 2 hour plot mostly movie, that was still stretched thin. There was nothing bad about it, there was just nothing amazing about it either. Overall I would rent it for sure. It is worth the rental, and I am sure if your a fan you already saw it.

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