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Rated: R Running Time:85 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Mark Zupan could kick your ass. Murderball originally started in Canada, and now is named Quad Rugby. Pretty much you put quadrapalegics on the court, and they try to get the ball to the other side of the court, you must pass every 10 […]

Jamie Pressly (The Reviews Best of 2005)

Jamie Pressly is The Reviews winner of top female TV actress for 2005 for her role as Joy in "My Name Is Earl" In what seems like perhaps not even an acting job and more like her old life coming back on screen, she plays the evil white trash ex-wife of Earl in my absolute […]

King Kong

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 187 minutes (and an 8 minute intermission) Year: 2005 Boobs: None One Sentence: King Kong wants his dolly!!!! 2 weeks late, but I come with King Kong finally, and I have to say that it is defantly a movie. A long one at that. With a gaint gorilla, and dinosaurs, and […]

"Lazy Sunday" (The Reviews Best Of 2005)

In my first of many best of's for 2005 we start off with the best skit of Saturday night Live, 2005. I started watching SNL 1 year before Will Farrell left the show, I guess that has been about 4 years or so. 2002 is when he left. Since then, I have heard it all, […]

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Rated: PG Running Time: 140 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Jesus was a lion, A lion was a jedi, and Santa Claus looked a little rough. I never read this as a kid, as most of these books that have been turned into movies, I have never read any of them really. I […]

Aeon Flux

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 93 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: [tag]Charlize Theron[/tag] studied geckos for her role. Sorry for the late review, it is a release week and so everything is crazy at work. Now on to the movie! It didn't suck! I know you all are reading this thinking, is he crazy […]


Rated: R Running Time: 131 Minutes Year: 1992 (4 Academy Awards) Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Clint Eastwood can't ride a horse. Best Movie of 1992. This was right when I started paying a little more attention to the movies. Aware of who was a winner, and what was going on with the box office. I […]

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