American Inventor

Network: ABC Time: Thursday 8PM I was going to give this show 2 weeks, because I myself have a lot of inventions or ideas that I would like to make inventions, but after last night I could watch no longer! The show is based off of American Idol pretty much, executive producer/creator is Simon Cowell himself. The idea is you to go in front of a group of 4 judges and show them your invention, if they like it, they will greelight you to the next round, where you can get 50,000 dollars to help develop your idea. Kind of sounds like a good idea, but sadly it has a combination of things that really make it a terrible show. First of all it is on ABC, and right now ABC's bread and butter, is tear jerking crap, much like Extreme Makeover Home Edition. So you have these idiot people who have sold their homes, their wives have left them, and they have no money and a pretty crappy idea. They cry when they get told no, and think that their invention is going to change the world. Other times, the crying influences the judges to reconsider what is a crappy idea, because they are crying. OH BOO HOO! I am sure the ABC executive producer is effecting the judges choices as well. The selection process seems really poor and picked out for specific reasons, like sob stories or good TV, instead of useful or smart products or money making products, which brings me to my big huge gripe. The Judges. These are the supposed to be experts in their fields, and maybe they are but as we know, management usually knows dick about the real world. These people who are completely lifeless and boring to watch, have such skewed reasons for greenlighting a product that it is amazing anyone could get anything through to the next round. There is the British guy, who is also the co-creator of the show. He has a business in Britain, very good choice for a show called American Inventor. I wonder how much of his market knowledge is on the buying habits of AMERICANS. But he is buds with Simon so he gets to be on the show, and is the nicest of all of them in my opinion. There is the nerdy engineer, who hates everything, thinks everything is too much of a gadget to be useful and has a serious chip on his shoulder about something, I think it seems very Napoleon complex to me. The New York business man, is rude about semi-practical products and is very focused on only money, and not other aspects of the process, which I think need to be considered. But all 3 of these men are sweethearts compared to the woman. Mary Lou Quinlan is about the worst thing on Television I have ever seen. She is constantly crying over people's stories, which are more stupidity than heart warming. She expects everyone to listen to her choices because she is a woman and knows what the woman wants. She as a person is annoying and I really don't like to hear her talk much. But last night was about the dumbest thing anyone on TV could have done and made me want to turn it off right then. There was an invention for a sort of sexy little outfit, that this girl was wearing. It was a bow, that you untied and then you were naked, like a present, I thought it was hot and Libertie thought it was hot and she said she would totally buy one. This Mary Lou freaked out, said it was "disgusting," "Immoral" and called the girl that was modeling "To get some self-respect and to get a job." Fuck that cunt. How dare she address someone's character and assume anything about them, based on their idea, and invention, which the inventor said was for husband's. Just because she is so uptight about her life, doesn't mean she has to attack other people about it. Which I am doing now, but fuck her anyway. It pissed me off so bad. So fuck the show, fuck Mary Lou Quinlan, for being a raging cunt. And fuck Simon Cowell, for hiring her. 00001dwd

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