Rated: R Running Time: 123 minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: 2 pairs One Sentence: I got lost on the way to college. The book Jarhead was met with critical acclaim by many, and harsh anger by others, who felt that Anthony Swofford told the truth a little too well. A tale of his life in the Marines, and his hatred for it, stating the worst decision he ever made in his life. The movie based directly on the book based directly on real events I guess would be considered a true story. Jake Gyllenhaal taking up the role of Anthony Swafford, in what is not a wave the flag movie. I think a lot of people misunderstood what they were getting into with this movie. It is not wave the flag at all. The movie unfolds the pain and life of a marine sniper, from boot, to Desert Storm, and everything in between. Oddly though the movie is what I would consider comical. However not funny at all. The situations and presentation of those situations, are sadly silly and completely outside of the realm of normalcy. Nothing to do, eating sand, being told your gf is having sex with other men every day, lots of repressed gay overtones, going crazy, crying, hugging, crawling, jacking off, and doing absolutely nothing. While these situations are just off the wall, they are real, and as the movie goes on this is where it gets you. That this is what happened, and this is what happens, and that it is sad, because it is so outside of anything normal or safe or of the civilization they left behind. And if you project this movie from the tame Desert Storm to what is going on in Iraq now, I think it is just that much worse. The movie is stocked full of wonderful actors, that help portray the story, from lifers, like Jamie Foxx, to Gyllenhaal, who can not wait to get out. The arrangement of characters just adds to the reality of the whole story, which seems to include the crazy to the dedicated, and those who lost their way or are trying to find themselves. And how those types of people handle being stuck in the desert for 200 days or more, with nothing but each other and the heat to keep them company. The movie going down is light in most parts, in the end you will feel weighed down by it. It is a lot to take in and can be quite heavy in the end, but I would rent it for sure. 000043hh

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