The Producers

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 134 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Matthew Broderick ain't Ferris bueller no more. Continuing on with Will Farrell we have the producers. A movie based on a musical based on a movie. This is not exactly a remake, it is more like an evolving work in progress. The original movie, was not an musical. It had some songs in it, but was more of a Mel Brooks comedy, it won Academy Awards, people laughed, Mel Brooks is a genius. Then it was re-written into the Broadway Musical. It won Tony Awards, people laughed, Mel Brooks is a genius once again. Then they wanted to cash in on the Broadway success, and decided to make a movie version of the Broadway musical. It was nominated for a Golden Globe, people laughed, Mel Brooks is a genius by cashing in 3 times on the same movie. Him and George Lucas must be very good friends. I have not seen either the original nor the Broadway play. I am only one man. I can't see everything under the sun. However I have seen the movie. The newest version and I do have to say, that Mel Brooks is a genius. We all knew this. However this movie seems to be the perfect execution of his style of comedy, with a wonderful script that is directed by Susan Stroman. The blend of music, dancing, comedy, slapstick, hot ladies, old ladies, and Hitler is just fun for the whole family. If your whole family is you and your girlfriend. The movie is like a high end version of any other Mel Brooks movie. It has all the jokey things you have come to expect and want, but maybe put together a little bit better. The cast is all right. I love Nathan Lane. Matt is kind of weird, he has just gotten so uptight, and it really shows. It is what the character is calling for, but it seems so odd to see the former class skipper just make squeaky noises. Uma was super hot in this one. Something about her was WOWEEEWOWOW! She really did a great job. Will was also quite funny. Along with a backing Broadway cast of old women, old queens, and giant female bratwurst's this movie I think is a renter for most people for sure.

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