Saw II

Rated: R Running Time: 93 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: I know that Saw III just came out, but I have a hard time seeing Saw because the GF refuses to watch it. For my birthday I got to watch Saw II. YAY! I was alone however. Boo. But that is ok, at least I got to watch it. I liked Saw I a lot, I suspected I would also Like Saw II a lot as everyone has said it was quite good and stood up to the first one. I agree with this statement. I think that the movie was quite good, and as I said about the first one, is not just a horror movie, but something more. The movie is not really horror, some call it Torture, but I am not in bed with that term either. I still call it psychological. Saw II was a lot like Cube. It had a problem to solve, and ways to solve it, and unlike some movies, this one gives you all you need to figure it out for yourself from the get go. The rules/clues are all there. You have to see if and how those rules are followed, but they are all there from the get go. I like this. It's a bloody puzzle and I enjoyed it quite a bit. The acting was not horrible, not great. It really isn't important as long as it didn't suck horribly, it is a filler for the story, not something to be showcased and praised. Good ideas, good traps, good twisty plot line, good gore, and not really scary in the jumpy rawr type of scary. All these things lead to a very solid 4 and a recommendation to rent, but I assume anyone that was going to see it probably saw it last year.

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