Pride And Prejudice

Rated: PG Running Time: 127 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: It's hard to look at something new you have seen so much before. I would guess in my lifetime, this is the fourth version? Fifth maybe? Of this story presented to me. I am not sure where I know it from. Perhaps it is just so widely used that the story has become so commonplace in the film world, that an actual adaptation of the book and the other stories that just use the format blur. Also just last month or so I watched Bride and Prejudice. So even more so the story was on my mind. The movie was a wonderfully shot, perfect representation of this story which I would suspect all of you know in some form. With fine actors, wonderful perfect dialog and nothing that would leave you upset with it. The movie however does feel like a period piece and while it should I am stating it to provide the warning to those thinking of watching. The movie can be slow to those that are used to the funny romantic comedy or would not be prepared for it. It is very true to the time, and the original story, and might be a little too little for some. I thought it was a very well put together film with Keira doing well and looking great. All the acting and the characters compared to more modern versions, were quite subtle. Their feelings hidden, their decisions coy, and their motivations held back for reasons that could be attributed to the period. I found this to be very interesting and showed the decision of the director to keep it following the period. Yet that behavior led to a, as I said before, slower and less obvious movie. If you have seen this before, you are fine to skip it. It will not be something that you would miss out on, in conversation or for yourself. However if you do come across it you should like it. If you were thinking about renting it. The rental is worth it for sure.

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