Rated: R Running Time: 84 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: High Five! Hello, I am The Reviewer, I am to make the review for the moviefilm called the Borat. It is a real moviefilm for the man travels to US and A and he is called Borat. He have very sexy sister, and she I remember a lot of and can visit next time from the time I was in Kazik. I watch the moviefilm for me and for my hot sexytime wife. We go and eat some goat and fish creme with a fermented milk drink and then go visit it at the movie palace. We watch it and it was ok there was not any woweeewowo in it. I do not know who make a moviefilm like this. It does not make me happy down in the place where we have a handparty. I laugh at movie sometimes. Other times I think that I before have seen this before. That it like before one time when another the man the Ali G man show me his moviefilm on TV. I say before is the same and we don't laugh. Othertimes in this moviefilm I laugh a lot at things that are make for most US and A people to say sick, or ewww. I also wonder if moviefilm is real all or fake all. There is the Pamela Anderson in it movie this time. She is fake or real. I do not know. This one is ok. It is short sometimes. Almost like for price of moviefilm I get better action down the street from the lady prostitutes. However I get in for free this time for me so it is ok. For you, you should to think about maybe get moviefilm from the magic mail shiny circle disk. That you watch at for in your home. I have VCR machine it make for nice watching of the porno movie. Also maybe the Borat for you. It is ok. It is not 100 percent A times 10. Ok. I go now for home. It is Steamed Yak night! Very nice, High Five.

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