Casino Royale

casino royale

Rated: PG-13  

Running Time: 144 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence:  New bond, new style.

At the time of this writing I have seen a total of 5 James Bond films I think.  I have never really gotten into them, and just never saw them growing up.   So I have a lot of catching up to do I suppose.  This film, Casino Royale, is about the first mission James Bond has as a double O.  It is a view into the past. A how did he become the man he is.  

 From the previous movies I have seen this one is far more realistic.  It was way more grounded.  No super villan, no over extended global conflict, and no super powers.  He was just a man, learning about his new life.  His new job, and the world he has never lived in before.  He made mistakes, and had lessons to learn.  It was a different approach and some people might not be interested in humanizing James Bond.  I personally liked it a lot.  

 I thought everything about the movie was worth seeing in the theater.  It still had action and pretty cars and girls.  I think those things will always been in a James Bond film.  The story however was a smaller story, and allowed for other things besides just boom boom action the whole time.  It really worked for me.  

 Daniel Craig I thought did a fine job.  He looked good, acted well for a James Bond, and he worked for me.  I have no complaints about the new James Bond at all.  The bond girl, played by Eva Green, was awesome as well.  She was very good looking however, she did not have that overdone vamp look that the past bond girls seemed to have.  I liked her a lot and thought she was paired well with Craig.  

 I was into it, and think it is worth adding it to your queue or going to go see it in the theater.  


  • evilangel

    I didn’t like him as Bond, but I’m a classic Bond fan. I was thinking I liked it as I watched it, but afterwards, as I was leaving the theater feeling depressed, I realized that that’s not what a Bond film should be about. At all. It was way too emotional, and delved too far into the psyche of Bond, and I felt like I was watching Bond-turned-chick-flick.

  • [Comment ID #106 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahah bond turned chick flick.

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