Launch Day!

Welcome to the reviewer.  I am Mikey, The Reviewer.  Thanks for checking out my new site about movie reviews.  I bring nothing but poor sentence structure and horrible opinions to the wonderful world of movie reviews.  


Mostly I write about movie's but I could write a review on just about anything.   I will entertain the idea of guest reviewers at times.  Post links to other reviews I find to be interesting and worth checking out.   


I am brining over all my reviews from LJ over time.  It is a slow process and the alignment is messed up, so anything before October, might look a little funky on here.  All the content is there, but the alignment is not right.  You can search using tags, categories, or dates.  Finding old reviews, from now until 2004.  Hopefully I will have those all up in the next few days.   I guess that is all.  Please leave suggestions or anything really.  Thanks! 

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