A Prairie Home Companion, December Film Club



For The December film club we will be watching A Prairie Home Companion.  The last movie directed by the late Robert Altman.  Filled with all the normal Altman fare of way too many people in the cast.  Also see Lindsay Hohan in what is sure to be one of the last movies before her complete train wreck occured!  

What is the December Film Club you ask?  Well I will tell you.  We will have a vote usually (but because we are just starting with a few users at the beginning, I just picked one from the replies from the last film club)  at the beginning of the month for the movie to watch for the month.  Then everyone goes out and sees it in the theater or rents it and then at the end of the month.  About Janunary 1st, I will make a post and everyone talks about the movie.  Just to get people talking about something, seeing what others liked and disliked, and to get a good flame war going against fan boys.  Always a good time.  If you click on the poster, it will take you to netflix to rent the movie.  

So rent it, watch it, remember what you liked and disliked and then we will see you in Janunary. 

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