Rated: R

Running Time:  95 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Worm movies rule!

Just in time for Christmas comes my review of Slither.  The horror, gore, sci-fi, B-movie about alien slugs.  You know, Christmasy.   

I had a feeling this movie was going to be like it was, it could have gone two ways, really awesome, or really bad.  It went really awesome.  When I say really awesome I mean really bad, in an awesome B movie type of way.  It knew what it was doing and did it well.  It wanted some grossness and some humor along with a scary sci-fi story.  However the scary parts were not scary like a horror movie.  More like Return of the Living Dead or other horror/comedy type movies.  It really worked out well.  

The wormy things were pretty good. Also they brought back the use of makeup and prosthetics to do certain monsters, and they looked good.  No CG crap.  The worms were CG but the big monsters were real and I just love the real look that is there. 

Nothing special to write about on the acting, but there were some people in it that I know people like worth mentioning.  Nathan Fillion was in it, he is from Firefly.  Elizabeth Banks is a looker and she did pretty good, and Michael Rooker who was the dad in Mallrats.  It was all good fun.  I think it would really work for most people to add to the queue.  It wasn't too scary, or jokey, or anything else that might turn you off of it.  It was pretty gross in some parts so that might keep you away, but I think it's a renter for most.  

 4 stars

  • evilangel

    EWWTF! It was gross, and b-grade, but pretty funny. Didn’t do it as well as Tremors did, but Tremors is really hard to top.

  • [Comment ID #312 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Tremors is awesome.

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