Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 131 Minutes

Year: 2004

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence:  I do not think the term Spanglish was used correctly.

I have some problems with the marketing of this movie.  Spanglish as defined in is "Spanish spoken with a large admixture of English, esp. American, words and expressions."  As in, Donde Esta Bathroom.  (Where is the bathroom)  See that two Spanish words and an English word.  This movie should have been called Translation.   Because there was no Spanglish in it at all.   Also they bill these movies, that are about family, and are slightly depressing as comedies.  THIS MOVIE IS NOT A FUCKING COMEDY!   Just because a movie has a funny scene does not make it a comedy.  Stop calling these movies comedies.  Depressing is not funny.  Depressing is sad.  Now I am not saying this movie was completely depressing, but it was far more depressing than funny. 

This movie, is not really for anyone that isn't a Mexican American female with a Mexican mother.  Becky said she watches this movie all the time.  I understand why.  She could totally relate to this.  Mother put into a tough situation and must fight to keep her daughter and roots where they should be.  I however am met with depressing alcoholic white people who are at best miserable, and at worst assholes.  Why am I supposed to enjoy this movie.  If you broke up the movie into pieces, I could laugh at some of them and have a good time, if I wasn't supposed to care about the families involved, and treated it like SNL.  However instead I am supposed to care, I am supposed to take into account the whole movie, and the people in it, and their lives, and their choices.  The movie is no longer funny, it's fucked up.  

Adam Sandler was fat, ugly and mumbling in the whole movie.  I didn't understand anything he was saying and I didn't care.  Paz Vega did a very good job, but she spoke Spanish most of the time and she's from Spain, not Mexico, and while I liked her, it wasn't enough to save the movie.  Tea Leoni, OMG I HATE HER, and this movie is no break from her and her vileness.  I am sorry, I just don't get these types of movies.  I don't.  They piss me off.   Oh look were making a comedy, check it out, it's a family comedy, hahahaha, were funny,  OH NO PUNCH IN THE BALLS!   The movie is getting 3, because it was good enough to get a 3, but it is not a comedy.  It's not as bad as Dancer in the Dark or anything that sad, but I would never call it a comedy.  

3 stars 


  • evilangel

    Oh man, I did not like this movie! I did think that some of the underlying themes were really nice – the mother/daughter relationship, being comfortable with yourself – but I just thought Adam Sandler’s chracter was very weird & out of place, and the whole movie was so angry!!

  • Z

    Not comedy, but dramedy.

    Wow, I disagree. Maybe my expectations have just been lowered by movies like The Waterboy and Little Nicky, but I thought Adam Sandler was pretty good in this one. I agree that it wasn’t literally about Spanglish, but it was metaphorically about a Spanglish family – at least for the summer. I didn’t care much for the drunk grandmother; that was just a lazy attempt at getting laughs. I mean, why did she have to be a drunk? However, I thought the rest of it worked. With my desire to defend Tea Leoni aside, I will submit to you that the finest performance in this film came from Sarah Steele as Bernice. Her character was more real and convincing than any of the adults. I think she carried the movie.

    4 out of 5 stars.

  • [Comment ID #316 Will Be Quoted Here]

    True that, Sarah Steele was awesome and she did do a lot to save the movie, but I can’t give her enough to raise my rating. Supposedly she gained 15 pounds for the part. I think that is a little risky for a person of her age.

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