A Prairie Home Companion Film Club


Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 105 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero

Here is the December Film Club Movie finally!  A Prairie Home Companion.  Did you watch it?  Do you have something to say about it?  Let us know.  Tell us what you thought.  More comments the better!

Was it too boring?  Or did you love it and just love anything Altman does?  

Cast?  Acting?  Who did you love and hate?  How did you think Hohan did?  

Do you ever listen to A Prairie Home Companion?   Do you want to now that you have seen this film?  

What did you like best about the movie, who did you like best?

Who and what did you like least about the movie?

Was there more going on here than what was going on screen?  Or was this a what you see is what you get?

Please suggest the movie for the Janunary Film Club as well.  

My comments will be in the replies with everyone else's.   

  • evilangel

    My boyfriend made me watch this *ahem* and it made up for every Julia Roberts movie I’ve ever made him watch with me. hahah

    It really wasn’t that bad, just slow, and didn’t draw me in. I like listening to the show in the car, but I have to admit that it’s rarely a show that I sit in the car to finish listening to even after I’ve arrived at my destination. The movie was pretty much the same way.

    Woody Harrelson’s charater was pretty darned funny, though!

  • sillyliss

    “It’s another boring day in Lake Woebegone.” I can’t think of words or a voice that puts me to sleep more easily. Anyway, I kind of watched this movie from the other room. I tried to watch it. Honest I did. But it just seemed boring. And taht Garrison Keillor guy’s voice was boring. And it was all just… zzzzzzz Huh? Oops. I just fell asleep thinking about it. Now there is drool all over the keyboard.

    By the way, I had no idea behind the scenes of their silly hotdish-and-jello-salad comedy show there was so much smut and scandal going on.

    Now if the Car Talk guys made a movie…

    So what’s next? 😀

  • princesskelly

    Good grief was this movie a snoooze!
    I unloaded the kids and got cozy on the couch with the necessary tools for movie viewing, and just could not get in to this movie, the plot, the characters, the dialogue… any of it. I turned it after somewhere after the first hour and popped in “shes the man.” talk about a killer movie for a sunday afternoon! =)

  • princesskelly

    Dude- shes the man is absolute hilarity!! I watched it that afternoon, LAUGHED MY ASS OFF, and then made flippy watch it later. He laughed his ass off too and called it one of the better movies he’d seen in a while. I love me some Amanda Bynes too- and shes hilarious in this one. REnt it!!

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