Film Club Janunary

My poll feature is not working yet.   I am still working on it, so until I can get it up we just have to do this with comments.   What film do you want to see for the January Film Club?   Please reply below.  Also if you want to give a reason why you think your film should be picked tell us and sell your movie. 

As always most will be on DVD.  

  1. The illusionist  
    The Illusionist:  Edward Norton, magic in the early part of the 20th century, some sort of scandal. Looks good to me.

  2. Employee Of The Month
    Employee of the Month:  Jessica Simpson, Dane Cook and Dax Shepard.  On come on, you know you want an excuse to watch it.  Then you can say, well I had to watch it for my film club. 
  3. Fearless
    Jet Li's Fearless:  Jet Li, supposedly in his last martial art's epic.  Supposedly. 
  4. Thisfilmisnotyetrated
    This Film Is Not Yet Rated: (Released on DVD Jan 23rd)  This one is a must watch for almost anyone that thinks there is a problem with censorship and the ratings in this country.  It comes out on DVD on the 23rd of Jan however, so it leaves only a little bit of time to watch it before Feb. 
  5. Alpha Dog
    Alpha Dog:  You know Justin Timberlake's new movie.   I had to add something that was at the theater, and because Pan's Labyrinth might be really hard for people to see, I had only this choice.  

  • I vote for the Illusionist. I’ve already seen Fearless and can’t bring myself to watch Employee of the Month.

  • princesskelly

    I vote for employee of the month, because it actually is very funny.
    I did, however, watch the Prairie Home Companion movie too- didnt come close to finishing it though. *sigh*

  • Anyone else want to vote I think I am going to close the voting at the end of the day. Z? Are you there? Do you want to vote? Anyone else, new people? I know you are out there reading, I can see you!

  • Z

    The Illusionist looks and sounds like the best choice.

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