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Do you long to talk about movies with other people, but live in your mother's basement with no one to talk to?  Do you have a unquenched love for Edward Norton and need excuses to watch movies of his over and over again?  Do you have some weird thing for 19th century magicians?  Then join us for the Janunary Film Club.  But Mikey, how do I join the Film Club?  You are already a member!!!  All you have to do is rent the movie, and come back and talk about it on the first of the month.   It is that easy.  This months movie…

The Illusionist


The Illusionist.  [tag]Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti[/tag], and [tag]Jessica Biel[/tag].  It says so right on the poster.    As always click on the poster, to be taken to Netflix to add it to your queue, or run on up to your nearest DVD/Video store, and get your copy today.  We will be talking about this on Thursday the 1st of Feb.  Think about some questions to ask me, or your fellow film club members.  I am sure you can come up with much better things than I can.   

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