H.G. Wells War Of The Worlds Review


Rated: R

Running Time: 93 Long Minutes

Year: 2005

Boobs: One Pair

One Sentence:  I think my girlfriend likes to torture me.

Sometimes when a big blockbuster comes out.   A smaller movie company tries to bank on that by creating a much cheaper direct to DVD version.  This version comes out right when the blockbuster comes out in the theater.  That way people that are dumb or not paying attention will rent it thinking it is the blockbuster.  It is very much not. 

I think perhaps my gf added this to her queue to torture me.  She rents these direct to DVD movies every once in a while, and I am pretty sure it is after I have done something to upset her.  She of course plays this off as just bad choices, or that she "added everything to do with War of the Worlds" to her queue after I loved the Spielburg version.   However after being tortured to death with this version I think that it is perhaps something else.   Whatever I have done, it is not as bad as this movie.   I am pretty sure no one else has this movie in their queue, or has even heard of it, but if you have, stay away.  Stay far away. 

I am not even sure I know what was going on, if I had not seen two other versions of War of the Worlds, and a documentary I really would have been lost.   The editing and effects were horrible.  HORRIBLE.  The alien's looked like a dryer vent tube painted black, with a face that opened, and shot white goo.   There were some ships too, but the special effects from the original version from 1953, those were miles ahead of what was done with this flick. I have spent too much time on this review already.  There is tons more to rant about, but it is not worth any of our time.  Please stay away for the sake of your eyes.   

1 star 

  • But it has C. Thomas Howell? How could it not be good? </sarcasm>

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