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We have a lot to get to with Grindhouse.  2 movies, 5 trailers, and a whole lot of fun.  So we will be having 3 posts today to deal with the 2 movies, and 1 post for the trailers, which is this post.   So check back later for a full Death Proof, and a full Planet Terror review.  Check below for my mini reviews on the 5 fake trailers made for Grindhouse. 

There were 5 trailers made for Grindhouse.  They appeared before and in between the features.  They were directed by different people, and were probably my favorite part of the whole experience.  

Rated: R

Running Time: 2 minutes each

Year: 2007

Boobs: 3 Pairs

One Sentence:  The best part of Grindhouse 

#1 Hobo With A Shotgun 
Hobo with A  Shotgun was the winner of the SXSW contest put on by Robert Rodriguez.  It was to make a trailer to show before Grindhouse and the winner would get shown before Grindhouse.  There have been rumors, that many did not get to see this trailer but in Austin we did.  You call can watch it by clicking the link.  

It was awesome.  This is a movie I want to watch.  Funny without telling jokes.  Shot very well, and completely perfect for Grindhouse.   This was a perfect choice for the winner, and was a great opening to the night.   3rd best of the 5.

#2  Machete
Directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring Danny Trejo.  An awesome look at the one man army known as Machete.  He gets the ladies and kills the bad guys, with his trench coat full of Machetes.  Pure fun, I could watch 2 hours of trailers like this.  It was just awesome fun, well put together.  How can you go wrong with flying chain gun motorcycles?  You can't.  2nd best of the 5. 

Rumor on the street is Robert likes the character so much, he actually wants to make a feature based on the trailer.  Sounds good to The Reviewer.

#3 Werewolf Women of the SS
Directed by Rob Zombie, and starring a lot of people.  Werewolf Women of the SS comes in as another awesome movie that I would like to see.   While the title sounds so far fetched, it just was perfect for Grindhouse and those movies that were made in the 70's that combined anything like Nazi's and Werewolves.  The title and idea carried this trailer, as the visuals of the trailer were only ok.  I could watch this one on name alone.  I would rate this the 4th best out of the 5. 

#4 Don't
Directed by Edgar Wright, who directed Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.  Don't was a horror trailer. that actually ended up playing on a joke.  It was shot ok, but didn't impress all that much.  Of all 5 this one would be the one I would be the lest likely to see.   I know that the director is a comedy director, but it went a long way for an ok joke.  It didn't tell the story enough for me to want to see the movie, and I think that is the point of the trailers, so it was just ok to me.  This was my least favorite trailer. 

#5 Thanksgiving
Directed by Eli Roth.  This was the most accurate to any real movie that might have been made in the 70's.  I think if you didn't know this was fake and you saw it you would assume that it was a real movie made in the 70's.  It was really funny just based on the concept.  However also was put together in such a way that you were not sure if it was real or not.  The movie premise also was just a great idea.  This is one that I would want to rent as soon as it was out on DVD.  This was my favorite trailer of all 5.  

I have to say though that the trailers were the best part of Grindhouse, and I would think that it is almost worth it just to see them.  However at over 3 hours, it is only 10 minutes worth of stuff.  So you will have to wait a bit for my other reviews to see if the rest of the movie sounds good enough to go see. 

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