Planet Terror (Grindhouse)

Planet Terror Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: Bout an hour and a half

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Rodriguez wins the Grindhouse matchup.

I sometimes get a skewed view of what is going on in America's movie theaters because I watch most of my movies at The Alamo Drafthouse.  What that means is, there are more fanboys, more roots movie watchers, and more people that will consider an Austin based movie like Grindhouse as a great movie without even watching it.  So when I jump on that bandwagon, with everyone else we sometimes get a little blinded and miss what a lot of people would see.  I mean look, there was a prop from the movie in the lobby, given to The Alamo to put up for the movie.  

Bone Shack Neon Light

Every show was sold out and everyone was into it.  So when I see that Grindhouse came in 4th in box office results below Are We Done Yet?  It sometimes brings me back to reality, that this movie, probably would not be great for most people.  Especially your normal girlfriends who are not fond of bloody zombie gross movies like Planet Terror, especially when eating pizza, and other foods at The Drafthouse, she might almost puke on you.  So just watch out ok. 

Planet Terror was the first of the 2 Grindhouse movies, it started fast, was balls to the wall and went big.  Zombies, or some sort of chemical agent zombies were the evil doers, and they brought with them a rain of blood, pus, and all things gross and violent.  If I were going to look at this movie from a critic point of view, I think I would say it was near horrible.  Just overly gross for anyone to really see and for anyone with any sense to stay away.  However I am not a critic, and I write movies for the people.  

What I say is.  Pretty freaking good movie.  It did deliver on most of the things I would expect.  Low plot, no back story, lots of action, hot babes, explosions and blood.  It was the perfect man movie, something that I think we hope to see all the times with those B grade horrors, but is never executed quite right.  Planet Terror, did it right.   It has the right mix of campy feel, and overdone blood to make it comical and not in my opinion gross.  However my gf hated it and thought it was disgusting.  So guys keep an eye out for that. 

Robert made this movie happen with direction and execution of perfect acting, which was testosterone driven and a view back to what we have lost in the last 30 years of film.  I am not saying that we should go back to this at all.  But for one night it sure was fun.  Rose McGowan did fine, she has lost a lot of weight, almost too skinny and lost that buxom sexy feel she used to carry about her, which would have been better for her role, but I wouldn't count that as a big negative.  I guess truthfully if you are not in Austin and going to see it in a grindhouse theater, you might be fine renting it, but I did have fun and think it is totally a renter.  Especially Planet Terror. 

4 stars 

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