Thank God You’re Here!

Thank God You’re Here

Rated: TV-PG

Running Time: 1 Hour

Channel: NBC Monday 9/8Central

One sentence:  Man I hope this show does well.

Right now we have a lot of reality, or semi reality TV going on with stars thrown into the mix.  Thank God You're Here is like taking stars from Dancing with the stars, take away the dancing, and adding in SNL and Who's line is it anyway.  Celebs are dressed into outfits and then put into a set where the first line is Thank God You're Here.  The celebs have no idea what the sketch is about and they have no lines.  They have to improv the scene while other actors have a set script.  

I caught the premiere on Monday and I do have to say that it was quite funny.  It has a lot of elements that I love which is semi funny skits, improv and getting celebs out of scripted situations.  It really shows peoples talent and ability to think on their feet and their comedy ability.  With this type of show however you are going to have some duds, and I felt that Jennifer Coolidge was sort of a dud for the first episode, but she did make me laugh a few times.  

I think if this show can hang on and gain an audience, it could do really well and really get some amazing actors on the show.  I would love to see that happen and this show become a stop for any good actor to have fun, show off their funny side and really cut loose.  It will let people see a side of them that isn't scripted, and in my opinion would raise the likability factor of anyone that did well on the show.  If you like SNL or impov comedy, I think you should check out Thank God You're Here.  

4 stars 

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