Where are the reviews?

2 days now, and I have not written a review.  So what is going on?   Currently I am working with an independent film maker over their review that hopefully will be coming tomorrow, I need some images, and some links.   I also am remodeling a bathroom in my house, so last weekend instead of watching all my 3 hour netflix movies, we did wallpaper.  So I am behind on those.  However I think the biggest issue right now is TV.  The season finale's are coming up and I just took on too much TV this season.  

So I will at least go over what I am watching, and what I will be watching in the summer season, and the next fall season.  

What The Reviewer is watching on TV now.

  • Heroes –  I love it, it is smart, fun, cool, and has not jumped the shark yet.

  • American Idol – We are not very smart at our house, we watch American Idol at the beginning for the bad people and then we keep watching it.  Now we are stuck watching till the end.
  • LOST – I am sticking with it, and I think I will close out this show.  I am dedicated to it, unless I feel it really gets dumb, I am going to stick with it all the way.
  • Survivor – I have watched it since season 1.  I love this show.  But this is the last season I am watching it.
  • Scrubs – I just discoved this greatness this season, damn this show if funny.
  • My Name Is Earl – Another solid funny, good show, that makes you smile and just feel good.
  • 30 Rock – Anything with Tina Fey will have my full and undivided attention.
  • The Amazing Race – My favorite reality show, I think it is just great.
  • Planet Earth – The most amazing video footage ever caught on tape in my personal opinion.
  • Family Guy – Love me some Family Guy
  • The Daily Show and Colbert – If I miss it though, I won't DVR it or anything.

So as you can see I have a lot of shows going on.  I will be cutting out a lot of these next season.  Next year we are not watching, Heroes, American Idol, Survivor, Planet Earth.  We are keeping LOST, Scrubs, Earl, 30 Rock, and The Amazing Race.  It is a lot less TV.  We hope to not pick up anything new.   

For the summer season, we are going to watch the rest of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which will be finished out starting at the end of May, and I am going to check out Pirate Master the new pirate reality show by Mark Burnett.  You know I have to check that out.  

So hopefully after the next 3-4 weeks we will get back into a lot more movies and a lot more reviews.   

  • I am so glad we’re cutting back on TV next season!

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