Top Five part 3 movies of all time.

This month, there are 3 of the biggest part 3's to come out, since well ever.  Most likely they will smash box office records when each one comes out.  Spider-Man 3 already did so, with 148 million for the weekend.  Shrek 3 is on it's way the 18th, and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 docks May 25th.  So I thought it would be good to do a Top Five part 3 movies list.  Ironically I came up with this idea 2 days ago in the shower.  Then today, Darren Rowse announced a new group writing project.  The Top 5 list.  So here I am writing up a post I was going to make anyway, for a group writing project.  You can read more about this group writing project here.  

So the Top Five part 3 movies.  I am not sure if you are aware of the utter crap that is the part 3, but I looked at a huge list of movies.  I had a ton of part 3's to think about.  However after a quick once over I slimmed down that list to 8!  I went from 100 or more to 8.  That shows you the total pile of crap that the part 3 can be.  Before I list the best part 3's let's look at some of the worst.

  • Batman Forever – So horrible, but not as bad as Batman and Robin
  • Alien 3 – WTF was this crap
  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome – The only thing this was good for, was a video from Tupac.
  • Day Of The Dead –  This could be the worst part 3 ever made. 
  • Godfather 3 – You broke my heart

Ok enough of the horrible.  Lets get onto the good stuff.  The Top Five part 3 movies of all time, according to The Reviewer. 


#5 A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors


Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Poster

After the abysmal Nightmare 2, everyone feared the series lost.  Then everyone at New Line put their heads together and came up with the best horror part 3 ever created.  Nightmare 3 had a ton of amazing scenes, and horror all tied up together, with a story that was interesting.  It always helps to have Freddy being totally awesome.  This was his best movie as well.  Bring back Nancy, add in some new kids with powers, and put Lawrence Fishburn in it and you got yourself the best horror part 3 ever created, sorry Friday the 13th 3-D.


#4 Mission Impossible 3


Mission Impossible 3 Poster Small

I didn't love part 1 and 2 of Mission Impossible.  They were ok in my book, but nothing that was especially worthy of praise.  After Tom Cruise kinda cracked, I thought part 3 was going to be even worse.  Boy was I wrong.  Non-stop action, awesome villain,  good supporting cast, fun gadgets and technology, and a great story made MI3 one of the best action movies I have seen in a long time.


#3 LOTR: The Return Of The King


Return Of The King Poster

Can it carry to a third movie?  There was almost no doubt at all that Peter Jackson would be able to execute the third rings story in an epic film trilogy that does the book and the other movies justice, but just how wonderful no one knew.  Coming home with the best picture Oscar in 2004 along with 10 other Oscars.  This one hit it out of the park.  Now if only Sam and Frodo would confess their love to each other. 


#2 Army Of Darkness


Army Of Darkness Poster

Sam Rami couldn't make the list with Spider-Man 3, but he did make the list with Army Of Darkness.  No other part 3 has been quoted more by geeks across the internet than Army Of Darkness.  This is my boom stick, give me some sugar baby, and tons of others.  Lunching Bruce Campbell into a nerd cult status superhero, and just being a freaking awesome movie Army Of Darkness is the #2 best part 3 of all time.   


#1 Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade


The Last Crusade Poster

This movie is #1 by such a far margin.  It was the easiest to pick out of the list as the clear winner.  Action, comedy, Nazi's, The Holy Grail, Sean Connery, Indiana Jones, Motorcycles, Zeplins, Hitler and oh so much more.  I could watch this movie over and over again, and I do actually because I own it on DVD.  This movie makes me want to journey out into the desert and look for some magical artifact every time I watch it.  Truly the best part 3 ever made.  

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