Rated: NR

Running Time:  Not Final Cut

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: The day geek became cool.

Last night I got to check out a sneak preview of 5-25-77.  Harry from Ain't It Cool News and The Alamo Drafthouse put it on with association of the director and writer Patrick Read Johnson.  It is an autobiographical comedy about the life and times of a movie dork before and up to the day which Star Wars was released in theaters, 5-25-77.  

5-25-77 is not about Star Wars, so you might actually talk your girlfriend into going to see it.  My girlfriend loved it.  I am pretty sure she liked it more than me.  It is about a movie obsessed kid who is stuck in a town with 750 people and his life being stuck in that town, and trying to become a film maker.

The movie has a lot of heart and seems to speak to a lot of people who might have felt the same way about something in their pasts.  In one portion of the movie, there was a scene where the whole audience was quiet, and it was a good quiet.  They were so interested in the statement and what it meant, and the movie allowed us all to let that statement sink in and it just made sense.  The movie is a labor of love and you can see it in every scene, its a love of the movies, of the film makers past and his journey to make this film.  However the audience isn't left out going why do we care about this guy and his story, because there is so much in it that we all might have felt at one time.  We can understand the characters, and understand his feelings and the genuine performances and situations that roll off the reel.  It really works and I don't think will only be a niche film for movie geeks and star wars nerds. 

I have no information at this time on distribution, releases, or any other information on when and if you will be able to watch this movie in the future.  I know that the film is not completed yet, so we still have a little bit before it can be released anywhere anyway.  As I find out more I will let everyone know, because I feel that this one is something that a lot of you will enjoy, and some of you might love.

4 stars 

  • federico

    Any news about this movie ?

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