Mr. Goose attacks dogs and woman!

Not actual picture of Mr. Goose 


For any new readers, most of the time I write about movie reviews, but I also report on any Goose Attack I can find.  To warn the people that the Goose is who really runs this planet.  Today tragically I must report another Goose Attack!

From United Press International, and from tipster Lane:

Goose sent into exile after attack

COLLEGE PARK, Fla., June 8 (UPI) — A goose that had been living on a lake in a residential neighborhood in central Florida was exiled to an animal sanctuary after breaking a woman's foot.

Tracy Wise told the Orlando Sentinel that the goose, nicknamed Mr. Goose, attacked her two Weimaraners while she was walking them. The dogs, responding to the attack, dragged her into Little Lake Ivanhoe.

"That bird spread its wings and started spitting on my dogs, and, honey, that's all she wrote," Wise said.

After learning that Wise was making a formal complaint, the goose's fans moved the bird to Fallin' Pines Critter Rescue in Christmas, about 30 miles from College Park.

The goose had been living on Little Lake Ivanhoe for several years, dumped there with his mate by an unknown owner. The female was killed and her eggs broken by a nest invader. Mr. Goose later developed a strong attachment to a buoy in the lake.

"He was just this little bachelor living on the lake and then he got imprinted on that buoy, and wherever the buoy went he would go," said Sara Flynn-Kramer, one of the goose's advocates.


You must be careful out there, and remember never cross a gooses path, otherwise, your dogs might have to pull you into the lake.  For other goose attacks please click the goose attack tag.  

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