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Rated: R

Running Time: 158 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Another hit from Fincher.

I think I was like a lot of people with this movie.  It just didn't make me want to go see it in the theater.  I saw the previews, they were everywhere.  I saw that it was directed by David Fincher and that it had a good cast.  However it just didn't seem to electrify you to pay the big bucks to go see it in the theater.  So it got pushed to the DVD queue.  I wanted to see it enough to see it on DVD but not in the theater.  I probably also heard it was 2.5 hours long and said we can rent it instead.

I would not say that this movie had to be watched in the theater.  I have a criteria that I think needs to be met to absolutely recommend a movie for theater viewing and this movie did not have it, however, this was an excellent movie.  A long dark tale of a killer and those people who's lives he effected without ever being in contact with those people.  It is truly a wonderful work of character development and acting chops.   No time during the 2 and a half hours of movie time did I feel bored, or that the movie was heavy and bloated.  It moved quickly was interesting and I felt put together very well. 

It's wonderful story was held up by Jake Gyllenhaal and  Robert Downey Jr.  With a stellar supporting cast as well.  Everyone seemed to bring their A game to this movie.  Everyone gave powerful realistic performances that wowed me.  Even Mark Ruffalo who I generally do not like very much.  I think this is a great renter but make sure you have the time to watch the whole thing. 

4 Stars

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