Beowulf Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 113 Minutes

Year: 2007

Boobs: One sorta pair

One Sentence: It's all very creepy looking.

I like cartoon animation a lot.  Pixar, Disney, and all the like, as long as it is cartoony I will probably like it in some way.  However recently, well not super recently but since Shrek 1, life like CG humans scare the crap out of me.  They look so lifeless, and polished and well, they just don't do it for me.  I love the Polar Express, but the faces, just bother me and the teeth look so bizarre.  I got over it with Express, and Shrek, but the movie has to be really good for me to get over it.  Beowulf did not have enough greatness in it for me to get over the creepy looking humans. 

Beowulf just didn't deliver it to me, there was nothing in it that was great.  There was nothing there that would make me come back here today when writing this review and say, this sequence, this scene, this dialogue or any of it, was just awesome.  It was all very well put together, and all very nice.  I found it to be a pleasing movie experience, and I appreciate it for what it was, but I just was not wowed in anyway, and let's face it if we are going for this type of movie with the layover animation, there should be a wow factor that comes with the movie experience.  I saw it in 3-D even and it just didn't make me say wow.  

I thought Angelina Jolie was the best looking creature in the movie, she was sexy and I felt they did an excellent job with her whole part, and animation.  I think that she got around the weird human thing because they made her a little non-human, and well that allowed her to look more realistic than everyone else.  Some of the non-human things about the movie did look excellent, but with so much of a human story, and human emotions that were cold or missed because of the animation lay over, I just can not say this movie is a must see.  It is a renter for a lot of you, but unless you are dying for a cool 3-D movie experience, I think you can skip it, or if you don't have 3-D in your theater.  

3 stars 

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