Cloverfield Poster

Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Year: 2008
Boobs: Zero
One Sentence: There is a giant monster in it.
STFU about the hype.  I am tired of it.  Yes there was a badass trailer that everyone freaked out about.  It was a good trailer, it made people want to know more, and then the name came out and suddenly that badass trailer is now the shitty trailer.  It's over hyped, the movie is going to suck and they are never going to show the monster.  Just go watch the damn thing if you think it looks good and stop listening to assholes like me writing about it on the internet. Go see the movies you want to see.  As soon as I saw the trailer I decided I would go see the movie, just because I think that about 90% of the movies in the US, doesn't make my point any less valid. 
So, now for my review.  Go see Cloverfield, it is the best movie of 2008.  Never mind the fact that there have only been 16 days in 2008 so far, I personally loved this movie.  It has almost no plot, no bigger grand story, and is just balls to the wall action, and scary monster shit.  It's the movie I hoped Godzilla would have been.  It is just great.  I felt it delivered what it needed to, and was just a good giant monster movie.  It was scary, tense, loud, and wild.  I think it showed what it should have showed, and didn't lose focus on what it really was.  This is just an action movie, or a sci-fi action movie, it is nothing more, do not go looking for the meaning of life and you will be fine. 
There is a lot of camera shake in this movie, as it is shot all hand held.  It had the feel of those great long tracking shots in Children of Men, except the whole movie was like that.  It really delivered an immersive action movie.  But I mention the camera shake becuase I heard of people complaining that they didn't feel too good during some parts.  It did not bother me at all.  So I come with a big recommendation for Cloverfield.  Go see it in the theater!
4 Stars 


  • becky Sanchez

    *spoiler spoiler I talk about the movie spoiler*

    Really 4 stars? Well when I saw it there were a lot of things that made it bad for me so I don’t know if it was because where I was sitting, where I saw it( NOT at the Alamo so that just takes off like a thousand points), and who was in the theater when I saw it(once again I was not at the alamo), or if it was the movie itself.

    We werent even expecting to watch this movie but we were driving to see my brother who was at the theater and said,”hey you should watch this movie” so we were maybe 10-15 mins late into the movie like after the trailers.So we only saw brief moments of the party but did not miss any action. We were in a regular theater, in Del Rio(need I say more?), so there were kids, teens and crying babies. Who the hell would bring a baby to this I do not know. Bad parents Bad!!
    I yelled at the teens to shut up twice they finally did. But that itself made me lose focus on the movie. I also got sprite spilled on me so that made me lose focus as well. LOL
    But once we were settled and watching the movie, I got scared. I thought they weren’t going to show the monster and I would have been okay with that. But they did, and I had to take some of my anti-anxiety meds and thought I was going to have to walk out of the theater. But I made it through!! *Yay Me*
    I think it was an alien and you know how I feel about aliens. So yeah I cried, and squeaked throughout the movie. I think Lane got nail marks on his arm from where I dug my nails in. Did she blow up? I closed my eyes but I think I opened them enough to see that I think she blew up.
    I don’t know, I thought it was a great action sci-fi movie, and it was a good idea, the whole lets get it through the eyes of a camera from a random person. But I felt disappointed because I didn’t get answers that I NEED, where did it come from ,why did it come, what did it want, where was it from, what happened?
    and if we were watching the video from a camera that a person had on them after they nuked the entire city wouldn’t the video have been destroyed as well? Hrmmm? I dunno I have mixed feelings about this one. I really do. Best movie of ’08? I don’t know about that one, well I think this is the only movie I have seen so far in ’08. It was great action and it got me scared. if that was the point of the movie then okay YAY. but ehh I left with the feeling of ,”Thats it really?” we waited and waited to see if there was something after the credits but my parents wanted to leave and we weren’t able to see. Also my dad said that at the end of the movie when they were on the Ferris wheel he saw something drop from the sky. But I didn’t see it so I don’t know. Plus that’s on the opposite side if they were on Coney Island. Well I am rambling now. But I did like the Blaire Witch reference if anyone caught that. I have mixed feelings on this movie just because it didn’t give me answers, but it did scare me.*shrugs*

  • Best movie of 2008, please. The best part about it was the marketing strategy. Just because the guy shakes the camera like crazy doesn’t make it realistic. 90% of all the cool stuff is out of the frame, or out of focus. Scary ? About as scary as Saw IV i’d say. Every part that’s supposed to be scary is so hollywood predictable that you can count down to it. “Hmm, i’m gonna put the camera on infra-red, wonder if we’ll see something scary as soon as i do it.” The actors aren’t horrible, but still very generic, and very boring. Hud is probably the most annoying character in the history of cinema. Not to mention that they’ve managed to put either something ridiculous, or highly unbeliveable, or plain stupid in every scene. And the youtube cinematography of this flick had little in common with beautifully shot Children of Men.

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