Crank Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 93 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: 3 pairs?  more?

One Sentence: Balls to the wall action. 

After what I thought was a less than awesome balls to the wall action flick in Shoot Em Up, I think I took Crank out of my queue.  I had lost faith.  However my friend told me I had to check it out, as he owned it and so I took it home and popped it in.   I am glad I did.  Right from the opening, it was just as I said before, balls to the wall action.  

However what this movie had which Shoot Em Up did not was, well I guess a plot that was believable?  I can't even believe I am saying that.  It was not believable either, but it wasn't silly.  It was put together to envoke action.  Where the other had action for action's sake.  Here it seemed warranted and well thought out.  As much as you can get with this type of movie.  In the end I was very satisfied with the events as they unfolded before me, and with how it was all put together it was done very well. 

Jason Statham and Amy Smart were the two main stars of this movie.  Jason was powerful, angry and good.  He kept it together, and he always delivers a good time on film, even if the movie he is in does not.  Amy Smart rocked her little blond white trash thing shes got going and did it well.  I don't mind seeing her in movies, and there is a particularity hot scene with her in it, for those Amy fans out there.  So I am going with a rent this one for a good time.  It come it hard and fast and leaves you without money for a cab, but it was worth it. 

3 Stars 

  • Lee

    This has totally been off my radar, actually I’ll admit I haven’t watched The Transporter either.

    Now it is on the radar and I have to go back and watch The Transporter too.


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