Wild Zero

Wild Zero Poster

Rated: NR

Running Time: 98 Minutes

Year: 2000

Boobs: 1 Maybe 2?

One Sentence:  This is Rock and Roll Jet-Movie!!!

I was at a bar with a friend and this bar had TV sets.  We had just walked in and there was a movie on.  It was Japenese we could tell that, and in it there were, lazy shooting zombies, space ships, motorcycles, people screaming Rock and Roll, explosions, rocket launchers and then the movie ended.  This was about a 5 minute part of the movie.  So obviously this movie was probably the best movie ever made. 

My friend set out to find out what it was and found it to be Wild Zero, The Rock And Roll Jet-Movie!  It is available to rent on Netflix and rent we did.  The next one and a half hours were filled with ladyboys, short shorts on men, flames, zombies, rock and roll, blood and poses, oh so many poses.   A low budget movie with a rock band known in Japan and led by a man named Guitar Wolf.  

This movie is bad on so many levels, but in that totally awesome Japanese explosion type of way.  It also came with a drinking game right in the DVD that you can play and get drunk on.  This movie is to the max in so many ways, and if this type of thing sounds good to you, you will love wild zero, and I can't stress enough the drinking game on the DVD.  I suggest you get it and scream Rock And Roll at the screen!   

3 Stars 

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