Baby Mama

Baby Mama Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time:  96 minutes

Year: 2008

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: Not nearly as weak as the preview makes it look.

Ah Tina Fey and Amy Poehler you two hotties are the new odd couple.  Tina with your cute glasses, and classic looks, your refined speaking and killer body are a perfect contrast to Amy's loud mouth, blond haired white trash yet still hot looks.  So putting you two in a movie together about having a baby is just going to be classic comedy.  Or at least classic Hollywood canned comedy that is formulated to make money.  Luckily, I think everyone involved didn't fall into the lame sitcom comedy trap and actually brought out some solid laughs, which I am relieved about. 

The movie is very predictable, formulaic and not surprising in anyway.   There is nothing new and if you see it I am sure you will be able to figure out how it is going to end up.  I expected this however and most people watching it should.  However getting to the end we are given some great scenes, some good laughs and jokes that were not actually in the preview.  I have heard a lot of people say they are afraid that the preview is going to have all of the jokes.  This is not the case and I am happy to report that I felt that the comedy was fairly solid, in that nice sweet, were gonna have a baby type of way.  This is no Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but I think it is a good contrast to Harold and Kumar which is coming out on the same day.  

I think part of the thing that helped this movie was the supporting cast, Steve Martin was wonderful as the owner of the company where Tina Fey works.  I didn't even know he was in the movie and he killed it.  Also Sigourney Weaver was excellent.  There were many jokes at her expense which were some of the best in the movie.  Along with everyone else in this movie I was pleasantly surprised that there were jokes than what we saw in the preview.  I would say this is a renter for sure, and a cute movie especially if you like babies, becuase there are a lot of them in the movie.   

3 Stars 

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