Fantastic Fest Starts Today!

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Well Fantastic Fest starts tonight for me at 7:30PM.  With Kevin Smith presenting Zach and Miri Make A Prono.  Then after that the long awaited Fanboys is at midnight.  It is a good nerd night for sure.  Fantastic Fest, if you do not know is the biggest Genre Film Festival in the country.  What that means is for the next week, blood, gore, crazy japense people, fantasy, fighting, monsters, aliens, torture, nudity, and whatever else that is crazy, wild and new in the world of film I will be seeing in Austin.  

Most of the movies I will be seeing are new and either are coming out to everyone to a theater new you, or are trying to find distribution, so keep the names of the movies you think sound good to you written down and keep an eye out in the future, because hopefully they will get to you!  


 It is a very hard task, too many movies too little time, so I have brought back some help.  Monkeyjenn will be writing reviews as well, as there are too many movies to see and watch and write about all by myself. So keep an eye out starting tomorrow for a ton of great crazy movies that you might want to check out yourself.

Oh an I missed Ghost Town, I was supposed to see it last night but the sneak was actually Tuesday, being in the Hospital I didn't have my calender and missed out, so no Ghost Town review.  Sorry about that. 

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