Santos Poster

Rated: NR

Running Time: 97 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: 1 pair of boobs.

One Sentence: Comic book hero movie from Chile.

Yesterday was a hard day at Fantastic Fest, it was all foregin day.  Which is hard, it is hard to get through watching a movie and reading it at the same time.  Trying to figure out whats going on when you constantly have to look down, it wears on a person.  Well it wears on me and after you have slept so little, if the movie isn't super awesome, I am going to have a little bit more difficulty than usual, liking it.  Santos is one of those movies. 

It is a comedy comic book movie, that at no time knocks my socks off either with humor or storyline.  The movie came off as an all right comedy that made me laugh at some parts, but overall with the subtitles and my tiredness didn't really push me into great movie territory.  I would say the movie was quite the undertaking and is not bad, it just didn't do anythign extremly well, and if I am going to watch a foregin film it has to be doing lots of things extremly well. 

The movie felt really long but supposedly only an hour and a half.  I think that they were trying to tell to much of the back story, and with a super hero you do not know it sometimes gets a bit long to tell.  We don't have the pre-knowledge of facts that can be skipped, and it just seemed like there was not enough of something in sacrafice of backstory.  So while I thought the movie was not bad, I think with the quality level and the fact that it's subtitled, I am not going to reccomend you go look for this one.  

3 Stars 

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