Wanted Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 110 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nuidty: None

One Sentence: James McAvoy kicks ass in an otherwise meh movie. 

I am all about the stupid over the top action movies, the bigger and crazier the action is, the better, but it either better be so out there it has no chance of being taken seriously, or it better have a good reason.  If you make a movie and you pretend it is serious and then make up some bullshit like curve the bullet, well then, you are probably going to fail, unless the action is pretty spectacular.  Wanted was far from spectacular.  

James McAvoy played a wonderful bored with his life pussy, who suddendly gets pulled in the wild superhuman world of assasins.  The world of curving bullets around things, Angelina Jolie driving cars with her feet while she dangles out the window, and of course a secret society revolving around fabric creation and the times at which it does not lay a thread right within a piece of cloth.  I am not making this up.  This is actually what the movie is about and they actually made a whole movie about this.  While it might sound like an amazing piece of movie magic, it is just a little too far fetched and didn't have that level of totally insane to make it worth checking out. 

The movie does not deliever the level of CG action effects that I had come to expect from the previews and overall aside from James McAvoy's spot on perfect acting, this movie was a major let down.  It baffles me sometimes how you can get 2 Academy Award winning actors in the same piece of crap action flick, and it still suck that much, but here is another example that Academy Award winners do not make a movie.  So, in the end I don't think this movie did much for me, and I don't think I can say you should go out of your way to rent it.  Unless you are really hurting for action and have nothing else to rent, I would skip it. 

3 Stars 

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