Fired Up!

Fired Up! Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 94 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: Man butt

One Sentence: Why is it cheerleader movies always seem to deliever bubble gum pop goodness?

The cheerleader movie genre is not a big one.  I can think of only a few movies in the last 10 years that were focused on Cheerleading, however all the ones I can think of were great.  They are not going to win any awards, but for pure bubble gum fun, they all delievered.  Fired Up! was the next and I was very worried, it looked like that streak of great cheerleading movies was about to come to an end.  Well I am glad to say I was, wrong *clap clap* was wrong!

Fired Up! is everything I could of hoped for and more, becuase it was actually funny on top of being a cute sweet high school underdog forumalic movie that you could predect how it ended in the first 5 minutes.  The 2 lead male characters are best friends who can get any girl they want, and decide to go to Cheer camp to get more girls, since they had gone through all the girls at thier school.  These 2 played by, Nicholas D'agosto and Eric Christian Olsen were great together on screen, they played off each other very well and had snappy witty fun dialog that kept the pacing of the movie fast and fun.  They really helped make this movie, and I am glad that they made the movie so enjoyable.  They really made the movie great. 

However they were not it, everyone in this movie really helped make it solid.  A huge cast of characters brought it all together, hot cheerleaders, gay guys, male cheer coaches, hot coaches, gay cheerleaders, bad cheerleaders, and an awesome little sister, really rounded out this cute little flick.  I am glad to say the cheerleader streak is not over, and this for sure is at least a rental and if you liked Bring It On, or Sugar and Spice, then I think you will like Fired Up! as well, so go to the theater this weekend and check it out. 

4 Stars 

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