State Of Play

State Of Play Poster

Rated :PG-13

Running Time:  127 Minutes

Year: 2009

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Russell Crowe now plays the same guy in every movie. 

State Of Play is a thriller, or mystery that leads you down the line to a whodunit and why that you probably don't care about.  Which is a let down because it could have been a really interesting movie.  It had all of the elements that I find interesting in these types of movies, government, reporters, finding the truth, lies, decet and mis-direction.  However all of these things led you down a path to solve something that was completly insignificant and just ends up leaving you thinking, we did all of this, for that ending?

It makes you feel like the 2 hour and 7 minute movie, which is a little bit on the long side, feel so much longer once you get to the end.  I was commited to the time, and was ok with it, till the very end, and then I felt like they could have cut 30 minutes out and I would have been a little happier with the movie.  Which I guess says that it's almost a good movie, which is what I think I am telling you here.  State Of Play is almost a good movie. Rachel McAdams looks amazing and is wonderful, Jason Batemen is in it, and Henen Mirren is great.  Maria Thayer is in it whom I like very much even though she was underused.  This all led to helping the movie be almost good, but with that ending I think it just really let me down. 

So with State Of Play I am going with the reccomendation of a rental for those that link the types of movies where there is a mystery and you are going to find out what happens in the end.  This is the perfect type of movie for you at home on a sunday evening when you have nothing else to do and you want to sit in the dark and watching something that is ok, but don't want to think too hard about it. 

3 Stars 

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