Star Trek

Star Trek Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 126 Minutes

Release Date: 05/07/2009

Nudity: None

One Sentence: A prequel by which all others should be measured. 

There are not that many prequel's out there right now.  However I think there is going to be a much larger tend going that way, especially with the buzz, hype and excitement Star Trek is creating and will create starting tomorrow.  The prequel's we do have now are generally horrible, I can think of Hannibal, Star Wars 1-3, and even Wolverine from last week as horrible examples of prequels.  If there are going to be more of these, I hope at least some of them are as good as Star Trek.  Which was an amazing movie, prequel and something that fans I think can stand up and be proud of.  Which are some big words when talking about a 40 year old tradition. 

Everything from the casting, story, CG and acting of these younger actors of the original characters we have all grown up with seemed to fit into our new generation of story telling.  It was cleaner, shinier, and had more action.  It was everything great about the old Star Wars, and adding all the amazing technology and movie making magic we have gained since the last movie.  It was funny, made refrences to the past (future) and was a great story to boot.  However what I think seems to be the most important part of this prequel is that it didn't crap all over the fans and the history.  It seemed to enhance it, make it better, deeper, and more detailed.  It did not take 40 years of history and throw it out the window for some movie studio's decision to make some money, and this is where I think the fans will be most grateful.  

So if you have not seen Wolverine, and are facing the choice I would say pick Star Trek, those who already saw Wolverine, I know you are going to see Star Trek probably tonight at midnight anyway, and it is so worth it.  Employers don't worry about the spike in the number of people calling in tomorrow for being sick, there is a Swine Flu Epidemic on our hands and you don't want those who might actually be sick coming in, so just let it slide, you never know who might actually have Swine Flu. 

5 Stars 

  • tenthz

    I am much more excited about being dragged to this movie tomorrow now that I have read your review. 🙂 Thanks for the great reviews as always!

  • uSUCK

    Man when you said that star wars 1-3 was a horrible prequel i lost my faith on u, c’mon don’t live in past and think old is good.
    the lighysabers fiights was a lot better the context too so learn to make a good review.

    and wowverine was a lot better than the other 3 movies a lot of history and revealed secrets, and Hoffman was a lot better in this movies.

    you only know how to criticize badly the new movies.

    you found a lot of errors, don’t matter i’m a 14 years old brazilian boy.

    • Thank you for your comments please come back and read more and tell me what you think of other movies!

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