SDCC 2009: Come for the lines, stay for the swag?

The End Of Hall H Line

First, I want to say sorry for not being able to do any live blogging during the festival. My laptop battery ate it and I couldn't leave it unplugged, so no live posts.  

This was my first trip to San Diego Comic Con, otherwise known now as the $80.00 dollar event to wait 2 hours to get into a room to see some celebs answer interview questions on a big screen about a movie that you could see on TV any time later.  The line in this first picture is for Hall H.  A 6,000 seat room where you get to see exclusive clips for movies while a panel answers questions that might be interesting or not. This line was across the street from the convention center.  It wraps around and around then crossed the street and ended here.  I believe it was for the movie Avatar (Most of these people did not get in).

I got into Hall H once, for the movie Extract starring Jason Bateman.  The reason I was able to get into Hall H was because we waited for another movie titled Solomon Kane and had to sit through that panel until Extract's panel.  They do not clear the room, so some people were in the room since the early morning to wait for Kevin Smith's 1 hour set at 6PM.  When we left, about 1% of the people were leaving the room.  The rest were in it for the long haul. The people outside? Fucked in the sun. 

Not So Close

This is how close we were.  This is the giant movie screen above the panel's heads, so you can see what they look like and  what they are saying.  It's almost exactly like watching it on TV, but if you squinted hard enough you could make out the shape of the celebrities below.  In case you are wondering how close this is, this picture was taken at 4X zoom. I would say we were about 1,000 feet from the front, which is roughly 1/5 of a mile. This is as close as we could get.  

We got to see the trailer and 2 exclusive clips. About 7 questions were asked and some were fun, none were insightful and none got Mila Kunis to take off her top, much to the chagrin of the guys in the audience. I thought Jason and Mila were funny, but compared to the length of the line and time we had to wait, we could have been on the floor which is the only thing worth checking out at SDCC.  

Oh yea, no swag either.  Psyche gave us a magic 8 ball and a shirt and they are just a USA show.  

Here is the hard lesson for SDCC noobs: You won't get into what you want to see. 

Here is my list of panel wants vs gets. 

Robot Chicken: Failed

The Guild:  Failed

Dexter: Success (4,500 seat room, 2 hour wait)

The Old Republic: Success (last row, just barely and 1+ hour wait)

Extract: Success (6,000 seat room, 2+ hour wait in the sun)

Cloudy With A Change Of Meatballs: Failed

Others that were on the list were completely scrapped due to the extremely long lines. 

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