Pirate Radio

Pirate Radio Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 135 Minutes

Release Date: 13-Nov-2009

Nudity: Picture

One Sentence: Get on the boat it might save you from the end of the world!

Looking at this poster it comes as no surprise that I very much liked this movie.  At the top it says, from the creator of Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Love Actually, and I love all three of those movies.  So take the creator of some great movies, and add in the amazing cast that Pirate Radio had and how could you not have a good movie?  

Pirate Radio was just a fun movie, it touched on life, romance, friendship and breaking the rules, doing so under a very funny script.  Pirate Radio felt light and bounced around it's over 2 hour story, never weighing us down with the larger issues that were going on in the story yet addressed them the whole time.  It made jokes, good jokes, showed friendship and freedom and made the movie experience a joy to watch and made us feel like we were having as much fun as those Pirate Radio DJ's were having.  At no time did I notice the movie was long or that I was not having a good time watching it.  I had a blast with Pirate Radio. 

Now I know this weekend is 2012 and the world is going to end, so you have only 1 movie to pick from before we all die from some sort of world ending scenario, so there is a tough pick coming, but I might go with Pirate Radio.   I haven't seen 2012, but they also didn't screen it, which could mean some bad things.  So you can go into the great unknown with 2012, or you can have a fun time in the 60's on a boat in the North Sea.  I would pick the boat. 

4 Stars 

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