When In Rome

When In Rome

One Sentence: Some great comedians were not used at all in When In Rome. 

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 91 Minutes

Release Date: 29-Jan-2010

Nudity: None

I am all for romantic comedies, they are light, fun and usually make the lady or man in your life a little happier if you go with them to see it.  So when I go to a romantic comedy I am open to the formula that usually happens, and to most of what happens in romantic comedies.  So when you put people like Will Arnett, Danny DeVito and Bobby Monyihan into a romantic comedy, it gives me great hope that it is going to be funny.  Along with the always cute Kristen Bell I was pretty excited about When In Rome.  

After seeing it I can not pass on that hope to you all.  This is a hard thing to write as people generally don't think much of romantic comedies but, When In Rome might have been the worst romantic comedy I have seen in a very long time.  Poorly written, horribly cut, completely unfunny and sort of boring, When In Rome was very hard to get through.   Which is so disappointing when you have such an amazing cast in a movie. 

I think When In Rome is the leader for worst movie of the year 1 month into the year and if not for a few slightly funny scenes this movie would get 1 star, but it saved itself just barely.  But getting 2 stars doesn't mean anyone out there should see it in any format, even when it's on HBO at 2 AM and you have nothing else to watch except the Magic Bullet infomercial, pick the Magic Bullet infomercial. 

2 Stars 

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