Inception Movie Review

Inception Poster Movie Review

One Sentence: The Best Movie Of The Year

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 148 Minutes

Release Date: 16-Jul-2010

Nudity: None

This movie is not based on a book, and was written by Christopher Nolan as an original screenplay.  This movie is proof that there are original ideas in Hollywood and they can work, and we don't need to remake every movie from the 80's because they are out of ideas. 

Inception is an amazing original piece of work that in my opinion solidifies Christopher Nolan as one of the best movie makers of all time.  It is a wonderfully well built movie.  It is wonderfully shot, has a gripping story, great looking action and of course amazing acting by everyone involved.  I would consider Inception an action movie, or perhaps a sci-fi movie, but that doesn't matter because I think everyone will love it.  It is hard to put into words how skillfully done this movie is.  The way I can put it best is when I got out of the screening, I wanted to watch it again, right then.  It is so good and has so much going on that if you have the time you might want to see it twice in a row, and picking it up at the IMAX would not hurt either. 

As with every other Christopher Nolan movie that has come out I have considered it the best movie of the year, Inception fits into this slot easily and nicely.  Comparing this to every other movie I have seen this year, Inception will win awards for best movie, best original screen play and best director at least.  I think you all should buy your tickets for this movie as soon as you can, I will be seeing it for the second time this weekend.  

5 Stars 

  • zack

    can’t wait to see it yo!

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