Megamind Movie Review

Megamind Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Another great animated movie from 2010.

Rated: PG

Running Time: 96 Minutes

Release Date: 04-Nov-2010

Nudity: None

I think this has been one of the best years in Animation history, with still a couple more movies to go this Holiday season.  I think every movie has been good that I have seen, with the most recent Megamind being a wonderful surprise.  Megamind's trailers did not catch my attention with what I considered a weird looking hero and animation that I didn't think looked great on TV.  So when I left the theater my mind was happily changed.  

Megamind is a bit of an odd movie, because I don't think it was as funny as most of the other Animated movies this year.  It felt like it had a lot to say and sometimes the humor might have gotten in the way of the story, so the movie makers went with story instead.  However I think it was done wonderfully.  Megamind walked a line of solid story and comedy that is hard to do, but seems to be far easier for Animated movie makers.  I feel like there are more Animated movies in my best of the year list than conventional movies this year.  All the best and brightest seem to be working on animated projects and Megamind just reinforces that belief.  This movie is great fun for the whole family.  

I would highly recommend this movie for this weekend especially over the horrible Due Date.  This movie is funny and sweet.  The 3-D I think is skippable, so if you have the option, go with the cheaper option the 3-D is not amazing enough for the more expensive ticket price. 

4 Stars 

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