Black Swan Movie Review

Black Swan Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: As good as they are all saying.

Rated: R

Running Time: 108 Minutes

Release Date: 01-Dec-2010

Nudity: None

As Black Swan ended in a white out I remembered to finally breathe.  I don't know how long I hadn't been breathing, but I think it was probably the full length of the movie.  At least that is what it felt like as the credits rolled.  Black Swan is a amazingly well filmed thriller/horror? movie that grabbed me from the very first second of the movie and didn't let me go until the very end.  A movie that tricks your mind, makes you forget you need to breathe, and loves that it is torturing you without you knowing it. 

Every moment in this movie was carefully placed and shot in a way that was meant for you to be fully immersed into this story. It was gripping, scary, and amazing.  A beautiful combination of story, dance, music, and acting that attacked you in the most sinister way.  It played tricks on your mind, showed you things you thought you saw, or didn't and then tricked you again.  If you blinked you might have thought your mind is playing tricks on you, and it might be.  I am not even sure now what was and wasn't real in Black Swan, and I loved it for that. 

Everything about this movie was done on a master class level, from the casting, to the dance sequences, with music attached, and everything in between.  Darren Aronofsky shows us that he is a master creator and can warp the world around us using film, and that originality isn't dead.  Black Swan is truly an amazing movie to watch and a mind blowing experience.  I highly recommend it to anyone that has it in a theater near them. 

5 Stars 

  • I cannot wait to see this, even though no nudity haha.

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