The Mechanic Movie Review

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One Sentence: Not your normal overdone Jason Statham movie.

Rated: R

Running Time: 92 Minutes

Release Date: 28-Jan-2011

Nudity: Yes 1 naked girl.

Did you know there is a Jason Statham movie coming out today?  I was almost completely unaware except I got an invite to a screening of it.  I didn't see any commercials for it, or if I did, I didn't care.  Don't get me wrong I like Jason Statham, but if there were any previews for it, they just didn't sell this movie well, which is a sad, because The Mechanic is an excellent movie.  It is a remake of a Charles Bronson movie from the 70's.

When I think of Jason Statham, I think of The Transporter and Crank, 2 overdone fun action movies that are a little too crazy to take seriously.  The Mechanic is nothing like those movies.  It is still an action movie, with a lot of blood and a lot of violence, but it is well put together. The story is actually quite interesting, and makes for an action movie with a tiny bit of depth.  The way the movie was crafted made for me to care about the people in the movie along with noticing how well the action sequences played out as crazy but believable.  It is tense, violent, and damn good.  This movie is a lovely January surprise.

I am not saying this is movie of the year, but for a January action release with Jason Statham it is a pleasant surprise. If you are itching for action and are not renting Red this weekend, then I would probably pay for The Mechanic in the movie theater.  It is just good enough to warrant full price Saturday night tickets.  So splurge this weekend, because you in more weeks you are going to have to go see Valentine's Day movie anyway.

4 Stars 

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