1st Annual Oscar Picks Winner! – Eleanor Wins!


Fantasy Oscar Pics

Well last night brought what I guess is not very many surprises bases on all the high scores on the Fantasy Oscar Picks!  There was a possible total of 120 points, and we had two people with the highest score with 90!  I wish we didn't have a tie, but we did so there was a random draw for the winner, and the Blu-Ray goes to Eleanor!  Who I will be contacting directly for which movie she chooses!  Congrats to Geraldine who also got 90 points!  I hope everyone had a good time with the picks and is already keeping their eyes out for 2011 best movies and actors. (Nicholas Cage in Drive Angry) Come back next year where the contest will be bigger with more prizes!  Thanks everyone for entering, and let me know throughout the year if you see any movies that are going to be on 2011's list!



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